How do I make the SLA timers change colour?

Problem: I have read all the material online and in blogs but I am not sure how I make the timers change to orange when they are nearing failure.

Solution: The timer only changes to red by default when the time runs out. To make the timer change to orange when reached the warning state then you actually need to update the First response by status to “Nearing noncompliance” within the SLA settings. To do this:

  1. Open Service Management
  2. Image
  3. Open the SLA that you have created and open up the SLA rule
  4. Under the warning actions add a new step to update the following field to “First Response by Status” to “Nearing noncompliance”
  5. Image
  6. Save and Activate the SLA
  7. Now within the Form Designer for the Case you need to update the details of the Timer control as follows:
  8. Image
  9. Now publish your form
  10. You are all done

When you now create a case that is nearing non compliant i.e. its hit the warning time your timer will turn orange.