Creating Dashboards to assist Training and Complex Processes

I was recently trying to explain what I thought was a simple process for marketing to create events and registration forms using ClickDimensions, but as I was explaining it to the marketing team, I realised for an inexperienced CRM user there were a few steps involved. For me, the process was straight forward and easy, but for an inexperienced user or someone new to CRM, the thought of copying campaign templates, cloning web content and navigating around the system to the different views was daunting.

So I thought how could I simplify this process and remove the clicks to navigate to the different areas of the system required. What I came up with was using a HTML web resource and a dashboard.

Which looked something like this:


So how did I create this? It was simple as follows:

  1. Open up your customisations solution and create a new Web Resource
  2. Select a web resource type of HTML and save
  3. Select Edit Text
  4. Add links and text to the web resource that describes your process. (tip to get a url of a specific record, open the record and select F11 to show the URL)
  5. Add images to support the process ( added a visio diagram to the resource), upload the image as another web resource or link off to your intranet. Alternatively link off to a document on your intranet.
  6. Save and Preview
  7. Publish the Web Resource
  8. Now Create a Dashboard and add your web resource to it, and any other lists or charts that support the process
  9. Save and share or publish the dashboard to the required users. I created a dashboard out of the solution so that I could share it to specific users who owned the process.

I hope this helps and makes you think outside of the box when considering training and improving the user experience.