Enable Team activity feeds

So you want to provide a team focus to CRM and enable team collaboration so why not enable activity feeds on Teams? You now hit the annoying problem that this as it is an organisation owned entity is not supported for activity feeds, so what do you do?

Well you create a custom entity called Team news or group etc and all you need is one field called name for the group and ensure you make the new entity user owned. Create a relationship between the entity and the team entity so you can enable easy access to your team collaboration.

Then enable activity feeds for the new custom entity.

Now all you need to do is create a new team news record and link to the team record. Then share this record with the team members.

People can post to this entity either by posting directly to the record or by using the @ and selecting the new record. Plus push users to follow the record and they will see posts in their What’s New wall.

You now have created some internal team collaboration.

Simple! Hope this helps you think outside the box when using activity feeds.