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Steve FosterMy current role is the CRM Product and Marketing Manager for Intergen, working in New Zealand with over 17 years of experience consulting on CRM solutions, including Siebel, Salesforce, E.piphany and Microsoft Dynamics CRM. I have worked all over the world and across many industries. My current CRM package of choice is Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

I am also a Microsoft Dynamics CRM MVP and V-TSP for Microsoft.

What is Naked CRM?

When I talk about naked CRM I am referring to a CRM system that is configured for the business user with the Customer in mind. Its all about keeping it simple and focusing on the needs and insights required by users to make it worthwhile to enter the data in, in the first place and then use it in their day to day work.

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2 Responses

  1. We are trying to pull in some dynamic content from a connected account using freemaker and clickd. CRM 2013

    Is it possible to do this?

    Use case:

    Emails being sent from us (Team Local) to retailers.

    Our partners are wholesalers and they have field sales reps.

    The field reps work with retailers so they have a personal relationship with them..

    We have made connections in CRM between the retailers account records and the field sales reps contact records.

    On the email we would like to be able to say “If you have questions please contact (field sales reps name)”

    We need to pull in the field reps name into the email to the retailer from us.

    There are thousands of retailers and hundreds of field reps so we don’t want to create individual campaigns for each field rep we also would rather not store the data of the field reps in a field on the retailer account record.

    Do you have any ideas?


    • Sorry for the delay in response – As you are using connections between the field rep and the account, there is no direct connection from the account the rep, so using freemarker will not allow you to connect to these related records. Other than creating separate marketing lists and email sends for each Rep you may struggle to deliver this requirement. To include the field rep on the email you would need to create a connection between the email send and the field rep. Using a connection on an email send would mean that sending an individual email send per contact. To construct this you would probably need some code to auto create an email send with the right template and right connection to field rep. This is possible and I looked at doing it for one of my clients that had complex connections. We were going to use a custom form that a user could select the Email template and the role type that should be connected for the marketing list. What this then did was create multiple email send records for the marketing list, which the user could then send.

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