Check your De-dupes and Auditing after solution imports

I thought I would re-iterate a point raised by ClickDimensions and others around importing of solutions.

If you import a solution that modifies the metadata of an entity i.e. Account that has a de-duplication rule or auditing on, then post the solution the Rules and Auditing will be unpublished.

So check your solution and build a plan post imports to regression test your solution. 3rd party solutions that auto update and overwrite customisations may also revert your solution back to default settings, so just be aware of the impacts before you enable them.

One Response

  1. I have often reminded people to remember to re-publish Duplicate Detection rules after importing Solutions.
    However, with Auditing it depends on the setting in the Solution – you can end up with entities being audited that should not be, and vice versa. I have not seen auditing get turned off globally (at organisation level) by solution imports, nor is it always true that it gets turned off for entities – it depends on the4 settings in the dev system the solution is taken from.

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