How do I make the SLA timers change colour?

Problem: I have read all the material online and in blogs but I am not sure how I make the timers change to orange when they are nearing failure.

Solution: The timer only changes to red by default when the time runs out. To make the timer change to orange when reached the warning state then you actually need to update the First response by status to “Nearing noncompliance” within the SLA settings. To do this:

  1. Open Service Management
  2. Image
  3. Open the SLA that you have created and open up the SLA rule
  4. Under the warning actions add a new step to update the following field to “First Response by Status” to “Nearing noncompliance”
  5. Image
  6. Save and Activate the SLA
  7. Now within the Form Designer for the Case you need to update the details of the Timer control as follows:
  8. Image
  9. Now publish your form
  10. You are all done

When you now create a case that is nearing non compliant i.e. its hit the warning time your timer will turn orange.

Dynamics CRM 2013 Q2 SharePoint Update – Server based SharePoint Integration

I was just writing up some slides for the Auckland usergroup session that I will be presenting tonight and I thought that I would share via my blog as well as not a huge amount on this subject as of yet.

With the CRM 2013 spring release an update to how CRM and SharePoint integrate has been provided, but this only applies to organisations that have CRM 2013 and Office 365 deployed with SharePoint. All other scenarios there has been no change to the previous integration.

So if you are using CRM 2013 in Office 365 and you have an Office 365 plan that includes SharePoint continue to read.

So what is new with the Spring Q2 Release:

  • Server to Server SharePoint Integration for Office 365 (note only online with SharePoint on same tenant)
  • Single sign on from with CRM to documents
  • View documents in CRM List, no more iFrames
  • Engage with documents using the CRM command bar
  • No going back, once enabled you can not revert back to iFrames

How do I enable this?

  1. Click the Enable Server Based integration if you see the yellow bar or navigate to Settings ->Document Management -> Server-based SharePoint Integration
  2. Enter the URL for the SharePoint Site that you wish to house the documents (navigate to Office 365 SharePoint and create a new site if you have not already done so)
  3. CRM will validate the site and sub sites
  4. If all successful a server connection will be established between CRM and SharePoint and you have completed the process
  5. If this is the first time you have set up document management for the organisation then you will have to also navigate to Settings ->Document Management ->Document Management Settings and complete the steps, re-entering the URL for the site, specifying the entities that you want to store documents against and by what manner by entity or by record

So what does this look like now that I have enabled it?

  • Document view under account
  • Document windowUploaded document
  • Uploaded documentManage the document via the command bar
  • Command bar on selected document
  • Work with documents just like any other view, filter and so on
  • Filter just like any other window


Finally some things that you can not do:

  • The new button only supports the standard office document types
  • You can not update the metadata of documents via configuration
  • Folder names now include the GUID of the record, which you can not change in Office 365