ClickDimensions – Jazzing up the form with the code editor

Problem: I create a form using ClickDimensions but its quite basic and the formatting does not match our website, what is possible, how can I make it look a little more professional?

Well with the latest release and the introduction of the code editor you can now update the CSS of the form and thus jazz it up a little, so how do I do this?

Lets take the following basic example from events page where we use ClickDimensions forms for capturing event registrations. Our forms look like this and we are not using form capture.
Intergen event form


So in this simple example we have nice background image, some padding and the font matches our website. So how did we do this?

Simple, follow these steps:

  1. Create a new form or open an existing form – settings ->Web Content
  2. Click on the Design button to enter the design mode
  3. If this is a new form drag and drop the fields on to the form, like below:
  4. Form Editor
  5. Once you have added your fields save and then click on the Code Editor button
  6. From here you can adjust the CSS and add JavaScript to jazz up your form.
  7. For this simple example we just add a background image and some padding.
  8. The default CSS for the body is as follows:
  9. We simply change the body to:
    background: url(“http://<<insert your public facing image location>/bgAirMail.png”) no-repeat scroll 0 0 transparent;
  10. As below:
  11. Code editor
  12. Now when you select refresh you will see a margin placed around the form as well as the image you chose as the background displayed.
  13. Save and publish the form and you are up and running.

So via the code editor on a form I can do some cool things to jazz up my standard form and make it a bit more interactive, use the HTML preview to help identify the CSS tags, you do need some basic knowledge of CSS to do this but lots of resources on the web.

For more information see and explanation of how you reference other areas of the form see








ClickDimensions – Email Send Statistics Report

Problem: How do I easily export the Email send statistics into a report?

In the past my options would of been to reproduce the report in excel using the email send and email event records or take a snapshot as an image.

With the latest release of ClickDimensions I can now generate a nice report using the menu option Stats report. The report is a pdf document that I can save and convert to a word document if needed. Example below:



ClickDimensions Stats report

ClickDimensions – Reply to feature

In the past the one missing feature of the award winning Dynamics CRM marketing add-on was the fact you could not specify a different reply to address for your emails. Well this feature is now included in the latest release but is a little hidden!

You can find it in the Email Send Advanced Settings tab not expanded by default. Simple expand it and you can now specify a different reply to address.

Replyto field

ClickDimensions Emails – Edge to Edge images using the Drag and Drop editor.

Problem: When I use the block editor the images always have a white space between them and the email margin meaning that any proceeding text is slightly off line.

Simple to resolve: If you are on the latest release, then use the Drag and Drop editor.

In the drag and drop editor when you insert an image you can select via the style tab on an image the option to use Edge to Edge.