Create a Gantt Chart in MS CRM

Great post on creating a gnatt chart using standard CRM bar charts and a little xml update.

crm chart guy

Until recently I thought that Gantt charts couldn’t be done in MS Dynamics CRM without turning to some serious development, which I found unfortunate because this is a popular type of chart and users find them easy to read. Turns out you can, and it’s not that difficult to create a simple Gantt Chart in MS CRM.

Important Update regarding Unified Interface in Dynamics 365.
When converting to the Unified Interface in Dynamics 365 or any Model-Driven Power App you will also get a new charting engine. This comes with some limitations as Min and Max values on a date fields are no longer possible. This Gantt chart method relies on the min aggregation for a date field and will therefore NOT work in the Unified Interface. As of writing, there is no alternate method for a Gantt chart using the built-in charts.
Updated: 3/23/2020

EDIT regarding CRM2011: This…

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