CRM 2013 – Quick View Cards

A great new feature of CRM 2013 is the quick view feature.

Quick Views – The ability to display a read only view of a associated record within an existing form.

What this means is that I am looking at the Account screen and I can quick view the details of the primary contact or even the details of the primary account.

So how do I create a quick view?

Its simple in CRM 2013, you simply navigate to the entity form area and create a new quick view form. You can then add fields, subgrids and sections to the view. See image below:


Once you ave created the form you save it and publish it. You can create many quick view forms for any entity.

To display the quick view on the form

Again so simple, open up an existing form, select the area you want to add the quick view form and click the insert quick view see below:


Then you select the lookup on the form for which you want to display the quick view form of and you are done:


Once you have added it, you save and publish the form and your quick view card will be displayed. If no record exists in the lookup associated to the quick view then the quick view will not be displayed.

See screen shot below of Parent Account quick view.


Possible uses:

Display details of a contact or product associated to a Case on the case form.

Display product details on a quote product

Display competitor details on an opportunity

As you can see many uses of this very cool feature!

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