Charting on a related entity field

Problem: I want to create a chart that presents a view of my Opportunity pipeline value by the industry associated to the Account?

Solution Options:

2 options are available:

  1. Export to excel including my releated field from the account entity
  2. Utilise standard charts in CRM to create the report

I am going to focus on option 2 and how you can create a chart on the opportunity that pulls in data from a related entity being the account on the opportunity, its quite simple.

  1. Open up your opportunities
  2. Click on Advanced Find
  3. Click on Edit Columns
  4. Click on Add Column and change field list to Account and select the Industry field
  5. Position the field in the view and save
  6. Save the new view as a new view “Opportunity Industry View”
  7. Close Advanced find
  8. Refresh your Opportunity view and select the new personal view created in step 6
  9. Open the Chart panel and select new
  10. You will now be able to select the Account Industry field in the drop selection of fields for the X and Y (note the field will appear above the dotted line that shows the column names included in the view)
  11. So for my chart I set the vertical axis as Estimated Value and for the Horizontal axis I use the Account Industry field
  12. Save my chart and I am done

So basically you can chart on any related field if you add it to your view you base your chart off. Once you have done that and created the chart the chart will work on any of your views regardless if the related field exists on the view or not.

Happy Charting!