Resizing the Social Pane in Polaris

If you like me then you want to maximise the screen real estate, to reduce screen scrolling and to present all the pertinent information in a single location. In the Polaris user interface you may have noticed that the social pane takes up quite a lot of space, but when you try and change the properties in the form designer you can not.

So how can I reduce the size, well it is not obvious but is possible. See the steps below:

1. Select the Social Pane section and click remove in the ribbon
2. Add a new section in its place
3. Highlight the section and in the insert ribbon tab click on insert note
4. This is in fact not just the note but the activity posts, activities and notes
5. Now this is the trial and error stage of the process as you have one attempt before the area becomes locked down again and you have to start from step 1 again! Click on change properties of the notes area, select hide label, and then change the number of columns and rows to be used. I would recommend using 1 column and around 8 to 10 rows.
6. Click OK and save
7. Now preview the form and you will notice that the notes area is in the fact the social pane component.
8. You will also notice that you can no longer change the properties of the notes area, so if you want to increase or change the properties you will have to start again from step 1, frustrating but simple enough to do.

That is it, a hidden gem, and hopefully a great tip to saving that precious real estate.