Enabling Web Resources on the New Polaris Updated Forms

Just a quick blog to remind people that if they want a web resource to fire on the new Updated forms in Polaris then you must remember to tick the following box on the web resource config form “Show this Web Resource in Read Optimized Form”. Miss leading I know!


3 Responses

  1. Hi Steve,

    How did you enable web service Jscript to run on the new read optimized forms?
    When I enable Scripts to calculate revenues and probability, I lose formatting and revert back.

    I’ve run the validation tool on my code as well, but no errors.

    • JavaScript are not supported on those forms, you will need to wait for crm 2013

      • Any suggestions, we’re trying to auto calculate some fields. Particularly, I had a JScript setup to take a probability drop down with forced backend values, when changed it recalculated the estimate revenue based on the Probability * (Contract Revenue field + One Time Revenue field)

        Thanks for the quick response. Blog is very helpful.

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