First Glance Dynamics CRM Polaris Skype Call via Online Trail org

So again this is an organisation that at Intergen we created as a trial through the standard process of requesting a 30 day trial except it was published as Polaris which was strange as it was requested on the 10th Jan, 6 days prior to what we have been led to believe was the rollout to APAC!

Since this trial all other requested trials has been pre polaris releases, so do not know what happened but hey its great to get a glance at the production view of this functionality post the Microsoft TAP program that I was on.

So how does the skype call work?

Simply click on the phone number and Skype if running will dial the number. When you complete the call and return to the CRM contact window or during the call, a new phone call activity will have already been created to enable you to capture the discussion that you have had!

Simple and intuitive, the way forward!

Some screenshots:

Click on a phone number:

Update the Phone Call activity with details:

Phone call Activity created:

System Setting to default country code:

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