First Glance at Dynamics CRM Polaris new Service Flows

So after posting some first glance images of Polaris sales processes and new user flow user interface, I thought I would post some images of the new Case Management flows.

So again this is an organisation that at Intergen we created as a trial through the standard process of requesting a 30 day trial except it was published as Polaris which was strange as it was requested on the 10th Jan, 6 days prior to what we have been led to believe was the rollout to APAC!

Since this trial all other requested trials has been pre polaris releases, so do not know what happened but hey its great to get a glance at the production view of this functionality post the Microsoft TAP program that I was on.

As promised here are some screen shots of the Service flow.

The new Outlook folder composition, note the extra sub folders to clearly define the content:

Additional options to start a new Case from, Phone support enables a phone call activity to record on creation of the case to record the details of the call into:

New Case, clear process and easy to select existing customers:

On selection of a Customer, the customer details are populated, recent cases and recent activities, to remove the need to open the contact record up, plus the Find cases presents an easy way to select an existing case from within a new case flow:

Stages control what the options are in the flow, notes can be taken in the phone call activity at the same time the case is being edited and saved:

Selecting the Find button allows a user to search for similar cases based on the subject or key words and review the activities, posts and notes regarding them:

If a solution is found then you can select Found a solution to create a connection between the records:

A connection to the similar Case is created:

To close the phone call select OK, to resolve the case, select the next stage or click resolve in the quick action buttons, note no new screen pop up, all inline:

Finally you can create tasks or phone calls be clicking the Add Task, Phone Call buttons:

I hope this has given you a quick glance at what will be available as part of a rolled up Polaris CRM instance.

All in all, a much improved user experience for managing incidents and enquiries, providing a much more intuitive user interface.

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