So why should you care about Skype and Dynamics CRM Integration?

So recent announcements have indicated that Skype and Dynamics CRM will be integrated out of the box in the Polaris December 2012 release

So what does this really mean and why should we care?

So lets think about Skype for a moment:

  • it has over 40 million users
  • in over 177 countries
  • you can access on pretty much any device
  • you can use a mobile or a landline
  • you can have a dedicated number and voicemail

I could keep on going with regards the features and facts but the key thing to note is it is essentially a Communications company that enables calls via VOIP or via PSTN network out of the box. But what about Lync you say, this is great for internal access but for external calling a few but not many enable.

So with Skype you can now make external calls straight from CRM, without the need for phone integration! Plus don’t forget the status, you will now have access to view whether your internal or external contact is online, busy, offline etc giving you greater access and visibility of the people you are interacting with.

So in a nutshell what does this mean?

  • From Dynamics CRM I will be able make calls to my contacts straight from CRM via VOIP or PSTN
  • I will be able to see the status of my contacts from Skype
  • I will be able to access the Skype network of contacts and people
  • I will be able to screen pop the contact details when I make a CRM call
  • I will be able to initiate video calls straight from CRM
  • I will be able to use Skype messaging to post a comment to a contact
  • I will be able to engage better with my Customers

So this is not just a cool feature, its going to change the way you engage with Customers, Communicate with Customers and view Customers.

5 Responses

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  2. Hi Steve,

    I have been using Skype quite a bit. Just updated on premise test CRM 2011 system to UR 12. I’m in US, when I create a contact in Outlook it formats the number automatically with area code surrounded by parens then space and prefix-4digits – (203) 555-1212. When I doublecick the number in the preview field it dials only the area code. I tried removing the space – it then dialed complete number but calls don’t go through. Perhaps calling out to PSTN numbers isn’t supported?

    • Skype integration is not part of the on premise ur12 update, only online Polaris. If you have enabled Skype on the on premise probably via Skype and IE integration. Nevertheless that should still dial the designated number. Skype does require I believe the country code to be included in a `+` format. I will have a play and see if I can get it working and reply if I can.

  3. Hi Steve, thanks for reply – that clears up why the problem is occurring. I’ll setup an online trial to test it out. The funny thing is that the IE Skype addon isn’t installed. It was but I uninstalled a while back while troubleshooting IE9 instability. When in the browser the skype icon does not appear by phone numbers. The phone numbers in Outlook contacts don’t have the Skype icon (Outlook Skype addon not installed) but the CRM contact or account previews in Outlook do have it….but when I click on it only dials the area code if the number is auto formatted by Outlook. If the phone number has no spaces it dials correctly. Perhaps I’m encountering some beta functionality for on premise?

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