Keeping CRM Simple

When implementing CRM there are some simple principles to follow. The list below highlights some of these:

  • Focus on core CRM first I.e. management of Accounts,  Contacts, Opportunities and Activities
  • Agree as an organisation, business department what is the definition that works for the organisation
  • Once defined, agree the processes that surround these entities, when should I enter a contact, an account or opportunity
  • Don`t create an activity when an opportunity should be used I.e. send an activity to someone to follow up a meeting to discuss a problem, instead create an opportunity with the topic and description pupulated and then assign this. Its crucial to have consistent processes.
  • Plan to train regularly and reasert the key principles of why the organisation is using CRM
  • Give value back to the end users, why should they enter the data, give them a reason to

The list could go on and on but these are some of the key ones I think you should follow.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Update Rollup 6

See link: for the latest rollup 6 for Microsoft CRM 2011.

Note: Update Rollup 6 cannot be uninstalled. Specific database updates are applied during Update Rollup 6 installation that will not let you uninstall Update Rollup 6. You should back up your databases and application servers before you install this update.

Note: Update Rollup 6 establishes a new servicing baseline. This will enable uninstalls of some future CRM 2011 Update Rollups, but this also means that Update Rollup 6 will be a prerequisite for installation of post-Update Rollup 6 Update Rollups.