Microsoft CRM 2011 and Office 365 – using the trials for document management

I have just set-up office 365 trial and a CRM trial and to save you time this is what you need to do:

  1. Set-up a CRM online trial organisation
  2. Go to settings -> document management -> SharePoint Sites -> download list component and extract
  3. Set-up a P3 Office 365 demo (Enterprise plan) as will need to upload a solution file that the P2 plan does not support
  4. Once you have set-up Office 365 then navigate to the Team Site
  5. Go to Site Settings
  6. In the Gallery area select solutions
  7. Upload the downloaded list component and activate
  8. Create a new Team Site in SharePoint and copy url
  9. Navigate back to CRM and click back on to Document Management Settings
  10. Paste the URL into the field for the URL for SharePoint
  11. Click ok and now select the folder structure you want for the document libraries
  12. Click OK and the folder structures are now created

Now when you create a record for which you have defined for a document library a library is automatically created as can be seen below:


Increase the performance of CRM 2011 online with three simple steps

If you are experiencing performance issues with CRM2011 online then try the following 3 items, we noticed a substancial increase in performance at our customer sites.

Make * a Trusted site.

Allow * to bypass the proxy server (this helped immensely with the loading of ribbons and images)

Add * to the list of sites ignored by their Antivirus applications and Popup blockers.

CRM2011 Rollup 5 further explained …

See my detailed post of rollup 5 on my company website …


Microsoft CRM 2011 SiteMap editor released as a managed solution

A new sitemap editor has been released for Microsoft CRM 2011 by Microsoft. It can be downloaded from

It is a managed solution that you install on your CRM instance. To run it you open the solution and navigate to the configuration window:








To add a new element, open the appropriate node and select the plus button.








Unfortunately there are no smarts so you do need to know the entity or url to insert new items. Plus would have liked to of seen it as a separate application rather than embedding it into the CRM instance.