Sorting on more than one column in Microsoft CRM

It can be done and its really simple:
  • Select a view
  • Hold the shift key down and select a column
  • Then select another column

Thats it! Records are sorted by multiple columns.

Sending and Copying Shortcuts of records

Sending Views, individual records or advanced find views can all be achieved from the “More Actions” menu


  • Select a record or group of records or an advanced find view, click more actions and then either:
  • Copy Shortcut to copy and paste into somewhere else
  • Send Shortcut to send an email of the link to another user

Outlook Favourites – Make CRM Folders a favourite folder

Really simple:
  • Open Outlook
  • Navigate to a Microsoft CRM Folder that you regularly use
  • Right click on the folder and select “Add to Favourite(s) Folder”
  • You can now go straight to the folder via the favourites folder section in Outlook