What do I mean by Naked CRM?

When I talk about naked CRM I am referring to a CRM system that is configured for the business user with the Customer in mind. Its all about keeping it simple and focusing on the needs and insights required by users to make it worthwhile to enter the data in, in the first place and then use it in their day to day work.
If you undress CRM to the bare essentials what are you left with?
  1. The ability to manage relationships between your employees and the Customer
  2. The ability to capture activity that you have had with a Customer
  3. The ability to manage Lead Generation
  4. The ability to track and record the outcome of opportunities with your customers
  5. The ability to visually review the data that is captured and compare and contrast to other Customers or Business Users

So when you are thinking of CRM and implementing CRM focus on the bare essentials first and dress later.

Emailing options in Microsoft CRM

The link below is very informative regarding options for mass emailing your data in CRM.
In addition to the options outlined your emails can contain html addressable content via following the process outlined in the following article: HTML content can be added to all email methods by the following the article steps.
One point to note is that Microsoft CRM does not support mult-part emails so if you need to send both text or HTML then you will need to capture this on the contact record and use some intelligence in selection or workflow to work out which template to use either the HTML one or the plain text one.