What makes CRM projects successful? My top 10 …

I have been working in the realm of CRM for more than 12 years and have been involved with over 20 implementations globally. With this knowledge and experience I thought I would compile my top 10 of what makes CRM Projects successful.


What makes CRM projects successful? My top 10 …


CRM makes or breaks a business, its the foundation that enables a business to grow and retain its customers, its the system that provides insight into the Customers and what makes them tick, so why do many CRM implementations fail or is this just a myth? I have compiled a list below that I feel enables a CRM project to be successful in a business environment, not all points will apply to all projects but if the principles are followed then the project stands a better chance at being successful.


  1. End User Buy in
  2. Define the big picture and then break it up into manageable deliverables that focus on business value
  3. Identify the pain points and fix those first
  4. Minimise the number of ‘alt tabs’ in the solution
  5. Build in validation and review periods after go live to enable quick improvements to be made that helps drive user adoption
  6. Plan to deliver value in 10 weeks or less
  7. Add something abstract into the solution to provide a wow factor i.e. simple map integration
  8. Produce worthwhile documents rather than ones to fulfil a process
  9. Always document the process and how that process will interact with the system
  10. Keep it simple to start with, remove unnecessary links and functionality

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